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  1. Shakhrisabz (city of green) is a city in Qashqadaryo Region in southern Uzbekistan, 39°03′N 66°50′E, in that park we can see the statue of Amir Timur among other !

  2. Shakhrisabz is a city in southern Uzbekistan primarily known today as the birthplace of 14th-century Turco-Mongol conqueror Timur.

  3. 39°03’30.70″ N 66°49’46.80″ E
    Shahrisabz, Usbekistan, with Timur Statue, WHS

  4. Ak-Saray Palace gardens with Statue of Amir Timur, Shakhrisabz, Uzbekistan

    39° 3’19.62″N 66°49’43.59″E

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