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Contest #555


June 8th, 2018 Posted by | Contest | 21 comments

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  1. Laguna Garzon bridge, SE Uruguay. Recognized it after seeing it in Google Maps while I was watching a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown about Uruguay.

  2. Circular bridge on the Laguna Garzón, Uruguay

  3. Laguna Garzon Bridge, Garzón, Uruguay (-34.8024,-54.5721)

  4. Laguna Garzon Bridge, Uruguay. Complex solution, but very beautiful from google earth view.

  5. That’s the one in URUGUAY, do I have to coordinate such a well-known place, really ?

  6. Lake Garzon Bridge, Maldonado, Uruguay

  7. Puente circular en Laguna Garzón, Uruguay.



  8. 34.8024°S 54.5721°W
    Laguna Garzon Bridge, Uruguay

  9. Laguna Garzón Bridge in Uruguay. And yet another place I must go someday.

  10. Puente Laguna Garzon , uruguay

  11. Laguna Garzón bridge, Uruguay

  12. Garzon Bridge, Laguna.
    Lat: -34.802451°
    Lon: -54.572082°


  13. Laguna Garzón Bridge in Garzón, Uruguay

  14. Theround bridge that stretches across Laguna Garzón between the cities of Rocha and Maldonado on the southern coast of Uruguay. Designed by Rafael Viñoly, the bridge took 12 months to complete, and replaces a traditional raft crossing while encouraging drivers to enjoy the view.

  15. The Laguna Garzón Bridge. It is located in Garzón, Uruguay

    34.8024°S 54.5721°W

  16. Bridge over the Laguna Garzón, Uruguay

    34°48’09.18″S 54°34’18.73″W

  17. Bridge by architect Rafael Viñoly, in Laguna Garzon / Garzon Lagoon, Uruguay

  18. Bridge by architect Rafael Viñoly in Laguna Garzón / Garzon Lagoon, Uruguay

  19. Laguna Garzón

  20. Puente Laguna Carzon, Uruguay

  21. Bridge at Laguna Garzon, Uruguay

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