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  1. The abandoned foundations of the Chicago Spire—proposed to be the tallest building in the world— near Lakeshore Drive.

  2. Chicago Spire Building Site, Chicago, Illinois, United States. Project was abandoned in 2008.

  3. Chicago Spire planned construction site
    400 N Lake Shore Drive
    Chicago, Illinois, United States
    Coordinates 41.89°N 87.615°W

  4. Chicago Spire, the skyscraper project and now 76-foot-deep hole abandoned since the 2008 financial crisis, Illinois, United States (41.88986,-87.61487)

  5. Chicago, IL, USA
    Construction site of the Chicago Spire, a tall skyskraper that was not finished due to the financial crisis.

    41°53’23.03″N 87°36’53.32″W

  6. Building site/foundation for planned/cancelled Chicago Spire skyscraper, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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