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  1. The Darial Gorge between Russia and Georgia, with the Ermolov Stone, a huge rock in the middle.

  2. Georgia-Russia border at Verkhny Lars on Teria River
    42°45’59.57″N 44°37’58.09″E

  3. Верхний Ларс
    Verkhny Lars
    42°46’16.69″ N 44°37’58.19″ E
    Stepantsminda-Lars highway, connecting Russia with Georgia through the Lars checkpoint
    20 JAN 2018: 160 vehicles accumulated at Upper Lars checkpoint on Russian side of the border due to black-ice

  4. Border Russia/Georgia, Georgian Military Road, North Ossetia-Alania, Russia.
    Darial Gorge with Terek River.
    42°46’14.03″N 44°37’53.92″E

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