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Contest #535


January 19th, 2018 Posted by | Contest | 7 comments

7 Responses to “Contest #535”

  1. South of Gävle, Sweden
    at 60°32’5.00″ N 17°11’35.61″ E
    Don’t know exactly what we are looking for here at the crossing of two power lines, tried hard but to no avail. I even found a private Swedish Street View along nearby Hanåsvägen from which Ridvägen leads to this group of trees(?) just south of the crossing of the power lines.

  2. Crossing point of two power supply lines (one coming from Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant), near Gävle, Sweden.
    60°32’12.07″N 17°11’23.87″E

  3. 60°32’16.65″ N 17°11’18.35″ E
    Sweden, supposed to be high voltage transmission lines
    East of Vattenfall Services Nordic AB, Älvkarleby

  4. 60°32’10.34″N, 17°11’25.75″E, about a mile east of Graasen, Sweden. Will endeavour to find out what is there.

  5. No idea what’s special about this place, but it is in the region of Gävle, Sweden
    60°32’9.59″N 17°11’27.32″E

  6. Something in Sweden, near Sandviken


  7. I believe this is the only place in the world where an HVDC powerline, a single phase AC and a three phase AC powerline all meet.