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Contest #527

November 24th, 2017 Posted by | Contest | 6 comments

6 Responses to “Contest #527”

  1. Cape St. Elias Lighthouse, Alaska

  2. Cape Saint Elias Light and Pinnacle Rock, Kayak Island, Alaska.
    59°47’54.03″N 144°36’0.50″W

  3. Cape St. Elias Lighthouse – Kayak Island, Alaska
    59°47’54.82″ N 144°35’56.98″ W

  4. Cape St. Elias Light, Kayak Island, Alaska, USA.


  5. Pinnacle Rock on Kayak Island, Alaska

    59°47’34.45″N 144°36’11.94″W

  6. Pinnacle Rock, Kayak Island

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