Contest #525: Ninini Point Lighthouse, Kauai, Hawaii, USA

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In 1897, the Republic of Hawaii obtained a lease from Lihue Plantation Co. on Ninini Point in Nawiliwili as the site for the construction of a wooden, 40-foot tall, trestle-frame light tower with a little lamp room set atop it, painted white.

In 1906, the original light tower was replaced with a 33-1/2 foot tall, white, wooden mast with a new lamp. At its base, a modest house painted white with lead-colored trimmings and a red roof was built. Both mast and house were rebuilt in 1923 and repaired in 1926.

In 1933 a new house was built for Kua with three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and bathroom, with outbuildings close by, and the 86-foot tall cylindrical concrete lighthouse presently at Ninini Point was also built. This light house was automated in 1953.

The hint was a picture taken from a video of a plane landing at Lihue Airport, just north of the lighthouse. (

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