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Contest #522


October 20th, 2017 Posted by | Contest | 11 comments

11 Responses to “Contest #522”

  1. Oh, a lighthouse….
    on Woodbridge Island in Milnerton, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa
    33°52’54.24″S 18°29’16.13″E

  2. Milnerton Lighthouse, Cape Town, South Africa.

  3. Milnerton Lighthouse, Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa.


  4. 33°52’54.04″ S 18°29’18.17″ E
    Cape Town, South Africa, Milnterton Beach with Milnterton Lighthouse at Woodbridge Island

  5. Milnerton Lighthouse at Woodbridge Island, Cape Town, South Africa

    33°52’54.56″S 18°29’16.98″E

  6. Milnerton Lighthouse, Cape Town, South Africa

  7. Woodbridge Island, Milnerton, Cape Town, SA

  8. https://www.sa-venues.com/things-to-do/westerncape/visit-the-milnerton-lighthouse/
    Milnerton Lighthouse, Cape Town

  9. Milnerton Beach, Milnerton South Africa
    -33.881806, 18.487776


    I suspect you picked it because of the recent fraudster arrest there…


  10. Woodbridge Island, near Milnerton Golf Club.

  11. Woodbridge Island, Cape Town