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Contest #517

September 15th, 2017 Posted by | Contest | 14 comments

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  1. Chokoloskee Island, Florida
    25°48’49.16″N 81°21’33.22″W

  2. Chokoloskee, Florida, USA


  3. Chokoloskee Island,
    Southwest Florida, USA
    Heavily damaged by hurricane Irma.

  4. Chokoloskee Island, Florida

  5. Chokoloskee, Collier County, 10K Islands, Florida
    25° 49′ N, 81° 22′ W
    Hurricane Irma battered the only bridge connecting Chokoloskee to the mainland

  6. Chokoloskee, FL

  7. Chokolosksee Island, South Florida Everglades.

  8. Chokoloskee Island
    25°48’50.41″ n 81°21’36.35″ w

  9. Chokoloskee Island, Florida

  10. Chokoloskee Island, Florida

  11. Hi,

    the Picture shows Chokoloskee Island, Florida!


    Streaming Doc

  12. It is at the location of 25’48,50 N 81’21,35 W

    I noticed that the white things were not boats and decided they were motor homes or some sort of retirement homes on the water front. And why not get a retirement home in……..southern Florida.

  13. Chokoloskee, Florida
    25°48′46″N 81°21′39″W

  14. Chokoloskee, Florida, USA

    25°48’45.00″N 81°21’26.31″W

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