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Contest #516


September 8th, 2017 Posted by | Contest | 9 comments

9 Responses to “Contest #516”

  1. Nouadhibou mining port, Mauritania

    17° 2’27.01″W

  2. Somar – Noadhibou Former Oil Refinery (Shutdown) Mauritania
    20°48’51.78″N 17°02’27.45″W

  3. 20°48’45.22″ N 17°02’15.99″ W
    Mauretania, Calcaire Terminal Minier (south of Cansado)
    Iron Ore Receiving Facilities

  4. mining port of Cansado, Mauritania
    20°48’47.75″N 17° 1’48.29″W

  5. Port Minéralier, Ras Nouadhibou or Cap Blanc, Mauretania
    20°48’42.93″N 17°2’12.79″W

  6. Port Minéralier, south of Nouadhibou, in Mauritania.

  7. Port near Cansado in Mauretania. This port is/was for the shipping of iron ore.

    20°48’38.96″N 17°02’07.39″W

  8. iron ore harbour; Ras Nouadhibou Peninsula; Mauritania

    Greetings from Germany


  9. Pointe Central (Cansado) Iron Ore Receiving Facilities/ mining port. Mauritania.