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Contest #512


August 11th, 2017 Posted by | Uncategorized | 16 comments

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  1. Otto Lilienthal Memorial, Berlin Germany

  2. Otto Lilienthal Memorial, Berlin, Deutschland


  3. Lilienthal Park, Berlin

  4. Fliegeberg, Berlin, Germany

  5. Spielplatz Lilienthalpark in Berlin
    52°24’50.63″N 13°19’42.87″E

  6. https://youtu.be/qLuIiwmu3OE
    Legend of Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi:

  7. Otto Lilienthal Park and Memorial with Fliegeberg, Berlin-Lichterfelde, Germany
    52°24’50.93″N 13°19’43.81″E

  8. This does not count as an answer yet … but maybe 0.5 points? This is definitely a photo of the location from the ground, but not easy to find in English sites.
    http://peace.maripo.com/p_pyramids.htm -> http://peace.maripo.com/images/pyramid_unidentified.jpg

  9. Sorry, I forgot if I have really done my entry last SAT:
    52°24’51.10″ N 13°19’44.28″ E
    Fliegepark, Berlin, Germany
    Otto Lilienthal Memorial in Lilienthalpark

  10. That’s the Otto Lilienthal Monument in Lichterfelde, Berlin, Germany.

  11. Fly Mountain or Lilienthalpark, Berlin, Germany.

  12. Lilienthal Park, Berlin, Germany

    52°24′51.08″N, 13°19’44.33″E

  13. Thanks for the hint.

    Otto Lilienthal Gedenkstätte, Gross Lichterfelde, Berlin, Germany.

    Schütte-Lanz-Straße, 12209 Berlin, Germany

  14. Otto Lilienthal Gedenkstätte, Berlin

  15. Berlin’s Fliegeberg Hill..

  16. Otto Lilienthal Gedenkstätte – 52° 24′ 51″ N, 13° 19′ 44″ O

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