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  1. 26°59’00.43″ N 9°17’10.68″ W
    Moroccan Western Sahara Wall (mostly snad wall) –
    it is about 2700 km long
    The contest is part of the 4th wall in the north

  2. That was a challenge: part of the wall between Mauritania and Morocco, at 26°59’1.75″ N 9°17’12.70″ W

  3. 26.984342, -9.287170, about 30 miles Southwest of Al Mahbes, on the Southern Moroccan border, I think this is part of the Berm border wall system built in the 80’s, it doesn’t follow the border but perhaps takes advantage of the rocky hills. Superb location!

  4. Part of The Moroccan Wall of Western Sahara, “The Berm”.

    26°59’0.83″N 9°17’11.33″W

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