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Contest #491


March 10th, 2017 Posted by | Uncategorized | 15 comments

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  1. Otočic Bavljenac – Bavljenac Islet, Croatia
    @ 43°42’10.30″ N 15°43’40.51″ E

  2. Baljenac Stone wall Island, Croatia.

  3. Baljenac island, Croatia


  4. Bavljenac island, Sibinek archipelago, Croatia, in the Adriatic Sea.

  5. Otočić Bavljenac, Croatia
    Island looks like a fingerprint and so was easy to find.

    43°42’12.68″N 15°43’37.38″E

  6. Baljenac Island in the Dalmation Islands of Croatia.

    Not searchable on Google Earth but just eart of Kaprije Island. One site called it Dalmation Island.


  7. The oval-shaped island of Baljenac, (also spelled Bavljenac), looks like a giant fingerprint with long lines of low walls resembling ridges and grooves of the skin. It is located in the Sibenik archipelago on the Dalmatian coast

  8. 43°42’11.11″ N 15°43’39.05″ E
    Island in the vicinity of Sibenik and in the neighborhood around Kaprije, Croatia, which looks very similar
    It should be Baljenac Island:
    Baljenac Stone Fingerprint: 23 km of walls on a 0,14 km2 Dalmatian Island

  9. Baljenac, Croatia

  10. Baljenac island in Croatia

  11. Bavljenac Island off the coast of Croatia

    43.703419, 15.727060

  12. Bavljenac or Baljenac Island, Croatia
    43°42’11.39″N 15°43’37.10″E

  13. Baljenac Island, Croatia

  14. finger print island. Croatia.
    43°42’11.60″N 15°43’40.93″E

  15. Otočić Bavljenac
    43°42’12.6″N 15°43’37.3″E