Current contest #489

It seems like we made contest 489 a little easy with the lat/ lon coordinates left on the image.

We’ve removed the original post and put up a revised one to give everyone a good contest. Paul, Charley and I will convene and decide how to award points.

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  1. Volcanic Marion Island, South Africa, in the southern Indian Ocean. Marion Base research station, part of the South African National Antarctic Programme, visible in northeast corner.

  2. Okay, embarrassing to say I found the RC Flugbild Kaserne Rothwesten Solarpark in Germany the hard way, doesn’t say much to my observation skills. The second location is Marion Volcanic Island, South Africa. Interesting to find Flugbild was a displaced persons camp after WW2.

  3. 46° 54′ S, 37° 44′ E
    Marion Island, the southern of the two Prince Edward Islands
    South Africa

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