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  1. Hill 60 Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery, Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey

  2. The Hill 60 cemetery, for casualties of the Gallipoli campaign in WWI.
    40°16’21.48″N 26°17’35.49″E
    Good hint!

  3. At 40.272661, 26.293193, this is the ANZAC Hill 60 WWI Cemetery on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey (http://www.cwgc.org/find-a-cemetery/cemetery/66800/HILL%2060%20CEMETERY)

    When the hint mentioned “First Lord of the Admiralty” I immediately thought of Churchill and the controversy surrounding his advocacy of the Gallipoli campaign – combining this info with the resignation of First Sea Lord John Fisher over his opposition to the invasion confirmed that I should be looking somewhere on Gallipoli.

    But where!?! So much of this terrain seemed to match the image it was hard to pin down. But by going exhaustively through a list of Gallipoli memorials (you might have made it a bit tougher by choosing a Turkish cemetery!) I was able to match the ground-level photos I saw of the cemetery to the “keyhole” layout in the image. The keyhole plan itself can be downloaded from the link above.

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