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Contest #467

September 23rd, 2016 Posted by | Uncategorized | 7 comments

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  1. Boston Harbor Light, Little Brewster Island.
    Oldest US light station.
    42°19’41.18″N 70°53’25.79″W

  2. Little Brewster Island is a rocky outer island in the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.
    Coordinates: 42°19′40.68″N 70°53′26.12″W

  3. Boston Lighthouse, Little Brewster Island, MA, USA

  4. Little Brewster Island, Boston
    is home to Boston Light, the oldest continually used light station in the U.S.—first lit on September 14th, 1716

  5. Little Brewster Island, Boston, United Sates.

  6. Little Brewster Island, Boston, Mass., USA


  7. Boston Light Station, Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor