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  1. Hub Island, near Boldt castle on Heart Island in the Thousand Islands area of New York (Wellesley Island is the bigger neighbor). It’s barely big enough for one house.

    I saw a picture of that house in an article in the New York Times about taking a cargo ship through the Great Lakes. Was that the inspiration?

  2. Islands in the St. Lawrence River between Wellesley Island and Alexandria Bay, New York, USA; from lower left (SW) to upper right (NE): Belle Island (partial), Imperial Isle, Hub Island, and Heart Island (partial).

  3. Hub Island, St Lawrence River (1000 Islands)
    Just Room enough Island, Alexandria Bay

  4. Hub Island, within the thousand islands complex.

    44°20’33 N – 75°55’29 W

  5. Just Room Enough Island (or Hub Island?)
    at 44°20’33.98″N 75°55’27.61″W

  6. Hub or ‘Just Enough Room’ Island, Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River, US/Canada

  7. Just Room Enough Island, Alexandria Bay, New York in the Saint Lawrence River
    Also called Hub Island
    44.342688, -75.924903

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