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Contest #446

April 29th, 2016 Posted by | Uncategorized | 15 comments

15 Responses to “Contest #446”

  1. Bunker near Jastarnia, Poland

    (Ciężki schron bojowy? )


  2. WW2 bunker near Jastarnia, Poland
    at 54°43’3.20″N 18°38’12.78″E

  3. WW2 Bunker, Jastarnia, Hel Peninsula, Poland

  4. The Vulture shelter is part of a group of fortifications for the Center Resistance of Jastarnia on the coast of the beach off of Droga Wojewódzka 216, in the municipality of Jastarinia, district of Puck, the Hel Peninsula, Poland.

  5. Hel fortified area, Polish Bunker WWII Sokol, Poland, near Jastarnika

  6. Unfinished bunkers of Jastarnia in Poland. Heavy casemates ‘Sep’ and ‘Saragossa’.

  7. Jastarnia, Poland, 54.717490° 18.636874°
    (Perhaps you ought to check if the location can be found by Google’s reverse image search before posting 😉 )

  8. This is part of the Polish defence sector Jastarnia, Hel Fortified Area, Hel Peninsula, Poland. The large structure on the beach is Sep Heavy Bunker.

  9. German ww2 Bunker near Jastarnia, Poland. Strange distortion on the satellite company text to the right of “Image” at the bottom of your image, sort of looks like a ship made out of stones.

  10. “Vulture” bunker, Jastarnia, Poland

  11. The Vulture combat bunker of Jastarnia (Poland)

  12. Hel, Poland

  13. World War 2 bunker on the beach in near Jastarnia, on the Polish north coast.

    54.717590, 18.636895

  14. A bunker in Poland, in a beach of the Baltic Sea, in a small strip of land between Kuznica and Jastarnia. Must belongs to the fortifications built by Germans during the Second World War.

  15. Hel Fortified Area constructed in WWII on the Hel Peninsula in northern Poland.