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Contest #441


March 25th, 2016 Posted by | Uncategorized | 16 comments

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  1. 37.576°, 126.626°, Seoul, Souh Korea Dream Park Country Club

  2. Incheon Dreampark, South Korea, 61 Geowol-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon,
    37°34′34.99″ N 126°37′24.46″ E

  3. Ara Canal, Seoul, South Korea.

  4. Sudokwon Landfill and Dream Park Project, Incheon, South Korea
    37°34’2.45″N 126°37’39.99″E

    Congrats to Phil Ower!

  5. Dream Park Country Club, built on a landfill by the Ara Canal, north of Incheon, South Korea

  6. The Ara Canal coming from or leading to Seoul. To be honest, I can’t see a really significant object other than the Ara Canal with its Yellow Sea Gate Lock and some other places provided with oriental characters that I can’t read.

    37°34’8.35″N – 126°38’2.04″E

  7. Ara Canal is a canal linking the Han River to the Yellow Sea in South Korea.
    37°33’56.67″n 126°37’54.88″e

  8. Ara Canal and surrounding area, Incheon, South Korea


  9. At the center of the photo at 37.576660, 126.634835 is the “Dream Park Country Club”, a golf course built on a municipal landfill in Incheon, S Korea in 2013. http://www.slc.or.kr/design/eng/about/con02.asp?left=1&sleft=3

    A full description of the course is at http://www.swingbyswing.com/courses/South-Korea/Incheon/Dream-Park-Country-Club-Park-Course-/59220

    To its west is Incheon’s Municipal Landfill #2. The canal and locks shown on the southwest empty into the Yellow Sea adjacent to Seoul’s international airport.

  10. Dream Park Country Club, near Incheon, South Korea

  11. It is the Ara Canal, close to Seoul, South Korea. The canal runs between the Han River and the Yellow Sea. The picture shows the part where it is connected to the Yellow Sea.

  12. The Dream Park Country Club golf course, in Incheon (South-Korea)

  13. Dream Park Country Club
    Incheon, South-Korea

    37°34’39.86″N 126°38’02.67″E

  14. Yellow Sea Gate Lock, Ara Canal, Korea

  15. Sudokwan landfill site transformed, near Seoul, Korea

  16. Dream Park Country Club
    Incheon, South Korea

    37.574967, 126.634846

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