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Contest #438 Hint

When Justin Bieber was born, this was the capital of its country. By the time Princess Diana died, it looked like this.

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  1. Well, that’s not where I expected it to be — Plymouth, Montserrat, 16.706417, -62.215839

  2. Plymouth Montserrat.
    Constructed on historical lava deposits near the (then inactive) Soufriere Hills volcano, the town was evacuated when the volcano resumed erupting in 1995, and was abandoned permanently in 1997

  3. Plymouth, Montserrat

  4. the town of Plymouth on Montserrat island of the Caribbean,

  5. Plymouth, Montserrat

  6. Plymouth, Montserrat
    16°42’17.8″N 62°12’43.5″W

  7. Plymouth, Montserrat

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