Contest #432: Landslide dam at the confluence of Clearwater and Cathedral Creeks, Nahanni National Park, NWT Canada

Contest #432 is a lake found behind a landslide dam in Nahanni National Park in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

The lake was formed when a landslide occurred during the winter of 1996-97 forming a landslide dam at the confluence of the Cathedral and Clearwater Creeks, just north of Virginia Falls on the South Nahanni River. In July 1997, part of the dam collapsed on Clearwater Creek with the lake that had formed behind the dam resulting in a large volume of water surging into the South Nahanni River causing water levels to rise rapidly but briefly.

The landslide dam across Cathedral Creek remains in place at this time. It is not obvious that there is any work being done to mitigate the collapse of this dam, with nearly 20 years of water in Cathedral Creek now stockpiled behind the dam.

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