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  1. WHS: Nahanni National Park Reserve, Canada
    61° 32′ 56″ N, 125° 48′ 56″ W

  2. Perhaps within the Nahani National Park Reserve of Canada, there is not much information or photos on GM about this lake or reservoir which is at 61.6954247,-125.5995024

  3. Nahanni National Park Reserve, Northwest Territories, Canada
    The blue river is at 61°42’0.33″N 125°35’29.31″W

  4. 61°41’48.35″ N 125°35’43.51″ W, north of the Nahanni river, Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories, Canada.

  5. This was a hard one to find. It’s located in Nahanni National Park, in Northwest Territories, Canada. But I was unable to find anything about the specific scene. Not even the name of the lake.

    61.693341 -125.607270.

  6. Spectacular double meander and canyon in the Nahanni Park, Northwestern Territories, Canada


  7. lake at the confluence of Clearwater and Cathedral creeks, approximately 17 kilometres upstream of the South Nahanni River, Nahanni National Park

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