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  1. Perhaps within the Nahani National Park Reserve of Canada, there is not much information or photos on GM about this lake or reservoir which is at 61.6954247,-125.5995024

  2. Nahanni National Park Reserve, Northwest Territories, Canada
    The blue river is at 61°42’0.33″N 125°35’29.31″W

  3. 61°41’48.35″ N 125°35’43.51″ W, north of the Nahanni river, Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories, Canada.

  4. This was a hard one to find. It’s located in Nahanni National Park, in Northwest Territories, Canada. But I was unable to find anything about the specific scene. Not even the name of the lake.

    61.693341 -125.607270.

  5. lake at the confluence of Clearwater and Cathedral creeks, approximately 17 kilometres upstream of the South Nahanni River, Nahanni National Park

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