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Contest #424

Contest #424

November 27th, 2015 Posted by | Uncategorized | 21 comments

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  1. Klejtrup, Denmark, world map in Lake Klejtrup (Verdenskortet v/Klejtrup Sø)

  2. North is east in this Map of the World, near Klejtrup, Denmark.
    56.59054, 9.64147

  3. Verdenskortet Park, Hobro, Denmark


  4. “The World Map” on the banks of Lake Klejtrup

  5. World Map, Klejtrup Lake, Denmark

  6. verdenskortet, Denmark

  7. Verdenskortet
    Søren Poulsens Vej 5, 9500 Hobro, Denmark


  8. World Map at Klejtrup Lake, Denmark

  9. WOW, turning the pic 90° to LH – and you see a world map
    Lake Klejtrup, Denmark,
    56°35′26.22″ N 9°38′29.13″ E

  10. Worldmap at Klejtrup Lake

  11. The World Map at Lake Klejtrup (Denmark)

  12. Great! The World Map, Klejtrup, Denmark
    Cross the world in a few steps…

  13. 56°35’26″N 9°38’29″E – Klejtrup

  14. Verdenskortet, the scale map of the world on the edge of Lake Klejtrup in Denmark.

  15. How about Verdenskortet, Hobro, Denmark. would be a neat place to play mini golf.

  16. World map at Klejtrup, Denmark

    56°35’26.04″N 9°38’29.54″E

  17. Verdenskortet, Kejtrup, Denmark. I think I need new glasses.

  18. The World Map at Lake Klejtrup (Danish: Verdenskortet ved Klejtrup Sø) is a miniature world map built of stones and grass in Klejtrup Sø near the village of Klejtrup, Viborg Municipality, Denmark.

  19. The World Map at Lake Klejtrup, Klejtrup, Viborg Municipality, Denmark.
    56° 35′ 25.94″ N, 9° 38′ 29.29″ E

  20. Verdenskortet, Denmark

  21. A castle in Spain?

    Just kidding … Lake Klejtrup, Denmark (56.59054°N 9.64147°E)