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Contest #421 Hint

if you want a dragon’s blood tree, you have to come here.

November 11th, 2015 Posted by | Uncategorized | 13 comments

13 Responses to “Contest #421 Hint”

  1. Socotra Yemen. 12.35 N, 53.73 E

  2. Part of Socotra near Gishub.

    12°21’6.63″ N
    53°43’39.38″ E

  3. Socotra Yemen

  4. Socota, near south coast, nature sanctuary.

  5. Hello

    Socotra Island, Yemen
    12°21’20.1″N 53°43’57.5″E

  6. Socotra Island (Yemen)

  7. Socotra Island Natural Sanctuary
    12.338379, 53.741007

  8. Dragon’s blood tree, eh ?

    So let’s head for the Southern shore of the Island of Socotra, in the indian Ocean at the mouth of Gulf of Aden :
    12°21’1.10″N, 53°44’22.68″E

    As a geologist, I must point out the very nice orphology associated to horizontal stratas (of Cenozoic mimestones), the cliff to the south corresponding most likely to a fault (I think I can see some left-lateral offsets in rivers, although the fault is mostly a normal fault, part of a system of tilted blocks on a passive margin — actually, the island is a reference site for the study of rifting/ocean trainsition)

    (above link behind a paywall unless you’re an academic user, sorry)

  9. Socotra Island, Yemen

  10. Southeast Socotra

  11. Southwest Socotra! I am directionally challenged apparently.

  12. Socotra Island, Yemen
    12°20’51.48″N 53°44’24.06″E

  13. Socotra – 12° 30′ 36″ N, 53° 55′ 12″ E

    Won’t be going there in a hurry, methinks. It doesn’t look very hospitable.