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  1. Aviva Centre, formerly Rexall Centre, Toronto, Canada
    43°46’17.60″N 79°30’43.24″W

  2. (FYI, the larger image is missing for this contest.)
    The solution is Aviva Centre, Toronto, Ontario
    43.771556, -79.512056

  3. Rexall Centre, Toronto (Aviva Centre),
    1 Shoreham Drive, Toronto, ON M3N 3A6, Kanada
    43°46′17.69″ N, 79°30′43.59″ W

  4. Hello
    This is the Aviva center, Toronto, Canada


  5. Aviva formerly Rexall Centre, Toronto, Canada. Funny… I play this game, almost always assuming it’s not in my own neighborhood.

  6. 43°46’17.78″ N 79°30’41.02″ O
    Aviva Centre at York University, Toronto, Canada

  7. Aviva Centre, formerly Rexall Centre, is a tennis stadium in Toronto, Ontario.
    43° 46′ 17.6″ N, 79° 30′ 43.4″ W

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