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Contest #413


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  1. Heliport, Vatican City


  2. Vatican Helicopter Pad, Rome, Italy.

  3. Papal Heliport, Vatican City

  4. Vatican City Heliport.

  5. Vatican City heliport
    41.902006° 12.446523°

  6. Vatican Heliport, Vatican City.

  7. Vatican Rail Tunnel (left), built 1929, HELIPORT: (the H in a triangle in the middle), giardino americano (american garden, right of heliport) and giardini vaticani (right), Torre di San Giovanni (the Tower right bottom)

  8. Hello,

    This is the heliport of the city of vatican
    Coordinates : 41°54’7.40″N , 12°26’48.18″E


  9. Pope’s heliport in Vatikan.
    41°54’07.00″N 12°26’47.53″E

  10. This is the South Western cape of Vatican city with the country’s helicopter landing spot.

  11. The western corner of Vatican State.

  12. Papal Heliport, Vatican City.


  13. This is the Pope’s Heliport in Vatican City. It was recently opened for Bambino Gesù Hospital in the neighborhood to shorten transport time and routes.

  14. Vatican City wall

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