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  1. Lower Hutt, New Zealand, film location for Helm’s Deep in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    -41.158510° 174.973373°

  2. Dry Creek Quarry, Hayward’s Hill, New Zealand. Now, just a boring quarry. But once the scene of what was nearly the last great stand of the Eorlingas in Helms Deep, in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

    The river to the south was where a lot of the “travelling from Lothlorien down the river Anduin” parts were filmed, a little upstream from here.

    Might I strongly recommend the Wellington Rover Lord of the Rings full day tour? You see these places, the hill where the hobbits meet the Black Rider, Isengard, Rivendell … and when we did it, we had lunch at the cafe where the cast used to eat, and we saw Peter Jackson himself, at his sink doing the washing up as we passed!

    New Zealand is an amazing place.


  3. Dry Creek Quarry, New Zealand, Movie Set of Lord of the Rings
    41° 9’23.72″S 174°58’17.27″E

  4. 41°9’22.88″S 174°58’18.86″E
    New Zealand, Lower Hutt, Manor Park
    seems to be film location of Lord of the Rings (or very Close to it)

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