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  1. Bunjil Geoglyph at You Yangs, Australia
    37°57’7.66″S 144°26’2.40″E

  2. An eagle(?) outline, near the town of Little River, Victoria, Australia.
    -37.952123° 144.434005°

  3. Australia, Victoria, Bunjil Geoglyph
    Branch Road, You Yangs Regional Park, Lara, 3212

  4. The geoglyph of Bunjil the eagle, in the You Yangs Regional Park (Victoria, Australia)

  5. You Yangs Regional Park, Little River, Victoria, Australia. From Andrew Rogers ‘Rhythms Of Life’ series, it’s compelling work referencing ancient indigenous cultures but also looking forward to the future of our presence on this little planet. The Google Earth/YouTube tour is a good watch.

  6. Bunjil Geoglyph created by Andrew Rogers. You Yangs Regional Park, near Little River Australia.

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