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Contest #402


June 26th, 2015 Posted by | Uncategorized | 21 comments

21 Responses to “Contest #402”

  1. Hotel Citta Del Mare Water Slide in Siciliy, Italy.

  2. Citta Del Mare Resort, Sicily, Italy.

  3. Città del Mare, Sicily

  4. Città del Mare Resort – Terrasini, Palermo, Italy
    38.099712, 13.073774

  5. Hotel Citta Del Mare in Siciliy.
    38°05’58.95″N 13°04’25.76″E

  6. Citta del Mare Hotel waterslides in Sicily

  7. Città del Mare, Terrasini Favarotta, Sicily
    38.099676 13.073790

  8. Hotel Villaggio Citta del Mare, Terrasini PA, Italy (on the island of Sicily 😀 )

  9. Sicilia, southwest of Palermo: Città del mare
    38°5’58″N 13°4’25″E
    Water Slides “Toboggan”

  10. Città del mare Hotel Village, Sicily, Italy

  11. Hotel Citta Del Mare, Sicily

  12. The Toboggan water slide at the Città del Mare resort, in Sicily, Italy

  13. Back in the game!
    Been a while…

    Cittá del mar, Sicily – the toboggan waterslide/waterpark thing!
    Looks fun to me!


  14. Water Slides “Toboggan”, consisting of a multi-basin, connected by a slide, down to the sea – level 4.
    Nearby cities: Alcamo, Palermo, Valderice
    Coordinates: 38°5’58″N 13°4’25″E
    Or, part of the Città del Mare Hotel Village, Palermo, Italy. Looks like fun!


  15. Citta del Mer, Italy

  16. 38°05’58.2″N, 13°04’25.1″E

    Citta Del Mare waterslide into the Med, Terrasini, Sicily


  17. Water slide falling into the sea at Citta del Mare Resort in Terrasini, Sicily, Italy

  18. Pool of Hotel Citta Del Mare, Terrasini PA, Sicily, Italy

    38.099732, 13.073752

  19. Città Del Mare Resort Waterslide, Sicily

  20. Citta del Mare, Palermo, Sicily

  21. Cittá del Mare, Palermo, Italy

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