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  1. Bailey Yard is the world’s largest railroad classification yard in North Platte, Nebraska.

  2. Union Pacific Bailey Yard
    Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center
    1249 N Homestead Rd
    North Platte, NE 69101
    United States

    41.150191, -100.828528

  3. North Platte is a railroad town; Union Pacific Railroad’s large Bailey Yard is located within the city.
    41° 8′ 9.29″ N, 100° 46′ 13.81″ W

  4. Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard. North Platte. Nebraska. USA. World’s largest rail classfication yard

  5. Union Pacific Railroad’s Bailey Yards, near North Platte, Nebraska, USA.

    41° 08′ 59″N, 100° 50′ 10″ W

  6. Lat: 41.150582°
    Bailey railroad classification yard, North Platte, Nebraska, USA.

  7. Union Pacific Railroad Bailey Yard, North Platte, Nebraska, USA.

    The largest railroad classification yard in the world.

  8. Union Pacific Railroad’s Bailey Yard

    North Platte, Nebraska, USA

    41.150581, -100.835444

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