Contest #394


Given the situation here, we realize that this is an easy contest, and that is on purpose. Our thoughts are with the people suffering here, and we hope that you will take the time to click on one of the links below and donate to organizations that are in a position to help right now. We have chosen these charities because they are good quality, with low expense ratios and solid reputations, and because they are on the ground now providing assistance in the area. We also welcome your suggestions for other charities that you would like to see listed here.

14 Replies to “Contest #394”

  1. Bhaktapur Darbar Square, Nepal
    Thanx for the well chosen links

  2. This shows again how powerless people are against the forces of nature!
    The image shows one of the destroyed WHS places, Bhaktapur Durbar Square

  3. Bhaktapur, Central Region, Nepal
    27.672038° 85.427837°

    I visited this country many years ago.
    My prayers for these people to give them strength to rebuild their lives.

  4. thanks for the links – i used to work for the red cross, still donate to them and live in the neighborhood!

    Bhaktapur, Nepal, 27.672222° 85.427778°

  5. 27°40’18.69″ N 85°25’41.69″ E
    Bhaktapur, Nepal.
    Good initiative

  6. Just in and out quickly. Been really busy the last two weeks and missed out. Anyway, gotta be Kathmandu, and I hope this gets a lot of donations. Mine is already on the way.


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