Contest #377

When Andrew and I took on doing this job, we knew we had a bunch of really strong players, but we had NO idea of some of the difficulties we would face to make Where On Google Earth both fun and challenging. This is a serious nod of respect towards you guys, but it means that we have a leaderboard with WAY too many first places entries for this late in a series. So…

We may be wrong, but we think this one may be REALLY hard. Hard enough to be discouraging for some folks, and we really don’t want to lose any of our regular players. As a result, we are going to do things a little differently for just this contest.

If, and only if, we have no correct guesses by Sunday at 0:00 GMT, we will publish a special, no-cost clue. If the clue does get published, guesses after that clue until the usual Tuesday at 0:00 GMT clue will still get 2 points, with 1 point for any after the regular Tuesday clue.

Here’s your target:

Woge Contest #377

2 Replies to “Contest #377”

  1. 12°35’0.67″N 12°34’59.94″W
    On the road between Ndebou and Tiankoye, South-East Senegal, Africa

    This was a really hard one….and now up into the weekend!

  2. 12°35’0.67″N 12°34’59.94″W
    It seems to be part of Niokola-Koba Nationalpark, Senegal, Africa
    It is east of Tiankoye and Bahire Foula
    The Person who got it BEFORE the eventual extra hint should get an extra point !!

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