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  1. Nanisivik, Baffin Island, NU, Canada ‎
    73.034818° -84.529215°

    Thanks again to Karel for the years of fun.
    Welcome Andrew and Paul. You made a good start!

  2. Nanisivik, territory Nunavut, Canada
    Meaning: Place, where people find things
    Well, I found it as well …

  3. Nanisivik, Nunavut Territory, Canada
    A company town of an old lead-zinc mine.

    73°2’5″N, 84°32’13″W

  4. Abandoned village, or mine, not sure which, Baffin Island 73.03428175746603 , -84.53280278280069 There’s a place name (?) Nanisivik, just north of the complex in roughly the middle of the picture.

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