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Contest #350


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  1. Fort bij Spijkerboor, waterlinie Amsterdam
    52.540525° 4.840605°

  2. Fort bij Spijkerboor, North Holland, Netherlands

  3. Fort near Spijkerboor – Defence Line of Amsterdam, Netherlands

  4. Lat: 52°32’26.74″N
    Lon: 4°50’28.17″E
    Fort Spijkerboor . Part of the defence line of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  5. Fort Spijkerboor, Netherlands

    ….and don’t forget my points from cont.349….;)


  6. Fort Spijkerboor, Holland

  7. Fort bij Spijkerboor, Netherlands

  8. Fort Spijkerboor, Holland.

  9. Fort Spijkerboor, Defence Line of Amsterdam, Netherlands


  10. A fort near Spijkerboor, Netherlands, part of the Stelling van Amsterdam

  11. Fort Spijkerboor, Spijkerboor, The Netherlands

    52.540641, 4.841223

  12. Fort bij Spijkerboor
    The Netherlands
    52.540464°, 4.841123°

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  13. 52°32’26.3″N 4°50’28.0″E