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Contest #349

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  1. The airport of the Urucu natural gas field in Brazil
    4°53’4.97″S 65°21’6.68″W

  2. Porto Uruco Airport, Brazil
    4°53’1.70″ S
    65°21’13.38″ W

  3. sorry…

    Porto Urucu Airport, Brazil

  4. Drat Drat Drat. I’m almost certain it’s a V-1 Rocket launch site, but I can’t work out which one! Nice choice, though.

  5. Porto Urucu Airport, Coaro, Brazil.
    It is operated by Petrobas.
    The airport is located 4 km (2 mi) from downtown Porto Urucu and 470 km (292 mi) from downtown Coari.
    The airport was built as a support facility to the Urucu oil and natural gas province and the Urucu–Manaus pipeline. It is dedicated to general aviation

  6. Porto Urucu Airport, Brazil

  7. Urucu airstrip, Amazonas Brazil.


  8. Porto Urucu Airport in Coari, Brazil.
    -4.883333, -65.356389

  9. Porto Urucu airport, Brazil, 4.884859°S 65.355091°W

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  10. Lat: 4°53’5.42″S
    Lon: 65°21’25.73″W
    Urucu Airport, Brazil. It services the Urucu Oil production facility.