10 Replies to “Contest #349”

  1. The airport of the Urucu natural gas field in Brazil
    4°53’4.97″S 65°21’6.68″W

  2. Porto Uruco Airport, Brazil
    4°53’1.70″ S
    65°21’13.38″ W

  3. Drat Drat Drat. I’m almost certain it’s a V-1 Rocket launch site, but I can’t work out which one! Nice choice, though.

  4. Porto Urucu Airport, Coaro, Brazil.
    It is operated by Petrobas.
    The airport is located 4 km (2 mi) from downtown Porto Urucu and 470 km (292 mi) from downtown Coari.
    The airport was built as a support facility to the Urucu oil and natural gas province and the Urucu–Manaus pipeline. It is dedicated to general aviation

  5. Lat: 4°53’5.42″S
    Lon: 65°21’25.73″W
    Urucu Airport, Brazil. It services the Urucu Oil production facility.

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