22 Replies to “Contest #344”

  1. An easy one this week 🙂
    St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall
    50.116, -5.4772

  2. The other “Mont Saint Michel”, that one in Cornwall, UK and called St. Michael’s Mount or “Karrek Loos yn Koos”, according to Wikipedia.

  3. Lat: 50° 7’0.87″N
    Lon: 5°28’39.54″W
    This is St Michaels Mount, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.

  4. St Michael’s Mount, Saint Michael’s Mount, United Kingdom


  5. Ahh, don’t I have some points from the Packard plant?


    Yes, you were rewarded with points in that contest, Charley. However every 10th contest we start a new series and the leaderbord will be reset.


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