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Contest #340 hint

Almost used for garbage, but now an UNESCO World Heritage site!

April 9th, 2014 Posted by | Uncategorized | 11 comments

11 Responses to “Contest #340 hint”

  1. Messil Pit Fossil Site, Germany

  2. The Messel Pit, near Messel, Germany.
    Never would have found it without the hint. I thought it might be another UNESCO site, but couldn’t think of how to narrow it down.

    49.9175, 8.7567

  3. Messel pit germany

  4. Messel Pit Fossil Site nr. Darmstadt Germany

  5. Messel Pit Fossil Site in Germany

  6. The Messel Pit, in Germany

  7. Messel fossil pit, Hessen, Germany

  8. Messel pit, Germany

  9. Messel Pit Fossil Site, Germany, 49.916670° 8.753890°

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  10. Messel pit, Germany. A former mining area that is extremely rich in fossils.

    49°55’3″N, 8°45’24.12″E

  11. The Messel Pit near the village of Messel, Hesse, Germany (49.917,8.756)