Contest #338

First of all: apologies that I did not make it yesterday, but here is this weeks’ contest. It is about the church in the centre of the picture.

And a warm thank you to all who wrote me some nice lines.


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  1. Eglise Saint-Etienne-le-Vieux, located in Caen, Departement Calvados, France (49.181,-0.369)

  2. Eglise Saint Etienne le Vieux, Caen, France.

    Best wishes for your family circumstances as well,

  3. The old abandoned church, Eglise Saint-Etienne le Vieux – Caen, France

  4. St-Etienne-le-Vieux, Caen, France. (Nearby the more easily identifiable Abbaye aux Hommes)
    49°10’52.47″N 0°22’9.57″W

  5. Église Saint-Étienne-le-Vieux, in Caen, Normandy, France

    49°10’52.52″N 0°22’9.89″W

  6. L’église Saint-Étienne-le-Vieux est une ancienne église, aujourd’hui en partie ruinée, située dans le centre-ville ancien de Caen. Elle ne doit pas être confondue avec l’église Saint-Étienne située à proximité.

    Destroyed by RAF bombing June 1944.

  7. Ey, it’s nice to read you again. I hope you and your family are fine. Greetings from Spain.

    The church, or whatever remains of it, is St. Etienne-le-vieux in Caen, France.

  8. Looking at the diamond shaped intersection in the northwest corner of the photo, has led me to look in Barcelona, Spain. The design of the grass areas in the park next to the roundabout looks like a spanish design to me as well. Can’t wait to see how far off i am, but not giving up on that city. This is my first time playing, so hope I don’t look too silly.

  9. wow, funny.. i just saw the hint pop up right after posting. making me rethink of course.

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