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Contest #334


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  1. Mount Kelud, East Java, Indonesia

  2. Mount Kelud, Indonesia — erupting as I write this.

  3. Gunung Kelud, Mount Kelud
    on East Java, Indonesia

  4. Mount Kelud 7°55?48?S 112°18?29?E

  5. Mount Kelud, erupting today in Java, Indonesia
    -7.93, 112.308

  6. Kelud, stratovolcano located in East Java, Indonesia (7.929,112.308)

  7. Kelud, stratovolcano located in/on East Java, Indonesia (-7.929,112.308)

  8. Kelud (Klut, Cloot, Kloet, Kloete, Keloed or Kelut) is a volcano located in East Java on Java in Indonesia (wiki), -7.93, 112.308

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  9. Mount Kelud, Java, Indonesia.

  10. Kelut volcano, Java, Indonesia


  11. Mt. Kelut, Java, Indonesia

  12. Kelut (or Kelud) Volcano in East Java, Indonesia

  13. Kelut volcano – Indonesia

  14. Volcano Kelud on Java

  15. Kelud volcana in Java

  16. Kelut volcano (East Java, Indonesia)
    7°55’48.50″S 112°18’29.66″E

    Kelut, Karangrejo, Garum, Blitar, East Java 66182, Endonezya
    Kelut, Karangrejo, Garum, Blitar, East Java 66182, Endonezya


    112.2055524,-8.000736,0 112.2055524,-7.859264,0 112.4104476,-7.859264,0 112.4104476,-8.000736,0 112.2055524,-8.000736,0


  17. Kelut volcano, located in East Java on Java in Indonesia.

  18. It is Mount Kelud in East Java, Indonesia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelud

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