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Contest #330


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  1. Once in a while a place that I recently visited 🙂
    Doel, Belgium
    51°18’35.40″N 4°15’58.90″E

  2. Doel, near Antwerpen in Belgium
    51.310282° 4.265280°

    The village is threatened to disappear as a result of industrial expansion. Close to Doel a nuclear power-plant is located.

  3. Abandoned village Doel in Belgium.

  4. “The doomed city” of Doel, Belgium.
    51°18’37.65″N 4°15’52.01″E

  5. Doel, Belgium, with a lot of Graffiti

  6. Ghost village of Doel, Belgium

  7. Doel, Belgium. Thanks for pointing this predicament out to me.

  8. Doel, Belgium, 51.310598°N 4.264975°E

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  9. Doel Belgium, at 51°18’37.57″N 4°15’54.50″E

  10. Doel, just northwest of Antwerp, Belgium. About to become part of Antwerp harbour.

  11. 51°18’37.63″N

  12. Doel, Belgium

  13. Doel!


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