Contest #329

This week it is about the small building in the centre of the picture
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  1. Toluca substation, adjacent to 299 South Toluca Street,in Westlake, Los Ángeles, USA

  2. Toluca substation, adjacent to 299 South Toluca Street, in Westlake, Los Ángeles, USA

  3. Los Angeles: Belmont Tunnel / Toluca Substation and Yard and Contreras High School Stadium

  4. The Belmont Tunnel (or Hollywood Subway) / Toluca Substation and Yard, Los Angeles, CA
    34° 3’37.23″N 118°15’34.14″W

  5. 34° 3’36.23″N
    When I saw it, I knew it had to be in LA.
    But this time I had absolutely no time the seek …

  6. Belmont Station
    1304 West 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States
    (213) 250-9771

    I have looked at waaay more of SoCal than I imagined possible for this one.

    could we get my two scores consolidated? There is only one of me.


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