Contest #327

Is this last one this year too difficult? At the beginning of the new year (GMT) a hint will be published.


13 Replies to “Contest #327”

  1. Not too hard to find: Pontfaen, Cwm Gwaun, Pembrokeshire, Wales, at 51°58’8.03″N 4°52’9.22″W
    Just trying to figure out the significance. Perhaps there’s to be a New Year’s party at the “world famous” Bessie’s Pub?

  2. Gwaun Valley, Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom

    How could you discover that small village….? Do you live there?

  3. Gwaun Valley with:
    The world famous Bessies`s Pub in Pontfaen, Cwm Gwaun, Pembrokeshire
    and Llanychllwydog School

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