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Contest #321


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  1. It’s Forrest, Western Australia. I’m not sure what is specifically of interest about it. Probably that it’s on the longest straight stretch of rail in the world. The Wikipedia article lists some other moderately interesting facts.

    But I discovered that ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) publications can be useful for solving WoGE puzzles.

    30°50’53.50″ S 128° 6’30.71″

  2. Forrest Airport (IATA: FOS, ICAO: YFRT) is an airport located in the tiny hamlet of Forrest, Western Australia.
    30°50?18?S 128°06?54?E

  3. Forrest Airport, Forrest, Western Australia.

  4. Forrest Airport, Nullarbor Plain, Australia.

  5. Forrest Airport (IATA: FOS, ICAO: YFRT) in Forrest, Western Australia
    30°50?18?S 128°06?54?E

  6. Forrest, Western Australia

  7. 30°50’11.94″S
    128° 6’46.67″E
    Forrest Airport, Australia

  8. Forrest Airfield, Westaustralia
    The Airport is visible from the Indian Pacific train.

  9. Forrest Airport, Forrest, Western Australia.

  10. Forrest Airfield, Western Australia


  11. Forrest Airport, Australia
    -30.839309° 128.119744°

  12. Forrest, Australia
    Lat -30.848 Lon 128.108

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