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  1. The Uros floating islands in Lake Titicaca, Peru.
    15°48’43.64″S 69°58’26.20″W

    That makes 8/8 for me in these series.
    I am afraid that this will be my final score. 🙁
    There is a total solar eclipse next week, so I need to travel and will be without computer for some weeks ..

  2. The Uros reed “island” village, Lake Titicaca, Peru.
    15°48’44.92″S 69°58’26.88″W

  3. 15°48’45.83″S
    The Floating Man-Made Islands of Lake Titicaca

  4. Uros floating islands in Lake Titicaca. These islands are made from totora reed.
    -15.811874° -69.974096°

    Thor Heyerdahl’s Ra II was built from totora reed stemming from lake Titicaca and constructed by local people. This was done after Ra I (built in Africa) sank after desintegration. The Ra II expedition was succesful.

  5. Swimming Islands in Titicaca-lake, close to Palapaja, home of the Uros-Indians which go by boats from Puno to their homes

  6. Uros reed Islands, lake Titicaca, Peru…

    I originally looked here, because I thought I knew what those were, but missed it on the first look.

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