22 Replies to “Contest #306”

  1. Zurich, Netherlands 53.111364°, 5.395049°. It looks like we do have “Zurich weeks” 🙂 . Thank you very much for another challenge.

  2. Maybe I can solve also the next ones?

    Zurich, Ontario
    Zurich, California
    Zurich, Kansas
    Zurich, Montana
    Zurich, New York, in Wayne County

  3. Lat: 53° 6’40.19″N
    Lon: 5°23’41.29″E
    Zurich, Friesland, Netherlands.
    Good one Karel. 🙂

  4. This is an easy on: Zurich, Friesland, The Netherlands
    53.112193° 5.393464°

  5. This is not a guess/answer, and I hope it’s ok to send it anyway.
    I just wanted to tell how much I like your site. Your idea is smart, fun, and pretty much awesome.
    Thank you so much!

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