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Contest #305


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  1. Lake Zurich close to Chicago, 42.2039°,-88.086°. An area where many german speeking people live. Some years ago I went into a bar over there and before I could say anything, people talked with me in German because of my german looking glases.

    Thank you for running this game!

  2. Lake Zurich, Illinois

  3. Lake Zurich
    42° 11′ 48.15″ N
    88° 5′ 36.87″ W

  4. Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA.


  5. Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA

  6. Lake Zurich, Illinois, United States
    42.195339°N 88.094635°W

    The remains of ice on the lake was vey helpful in finding the location!

  7. Lat: 42°11’49.10″N
    Lon: 88° 5’35.96″W
    Lake Zurich, Lake County, Illinois, United States. 🙂

  8. Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA
    Karel, you’re a joker;)

  9. Lake Zurich, Illinois
    42.197778° -88.103284°

  10. Lake Zurich, Illinois, United States.

  11. Lake Zurich and Echo Lake, northwest of Chicago, Illinois.

  12. lake zurich, illinois, usa, 42°11?32?N 88°5?17?W

  13. Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA

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