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  1. Zürich, but to drunk to write more …
    Maybe tomorrow – Slainte!

  2. Rathausbrücke also known as Gemüsebrücke in Zürich, Switzerland.

  3. Lat: 47°22’18.32″N
    Lon: 8°32’32.10″E
    Rathausbrücke, Townhall Bridge or vegetable bridge, whatever you would like to call it is located in the Altstadt of Zürich, Switzerland. This should be a very easy one for you Krenek. 🙂

  4. Rathausbrücke (which means town hall bridge) over the Limmat, located in Zurich, Switzerland (47.372,8.542)

  5. Rathausbrücke, Zürich, Switzerland.

    47° 22′ 18.29″ N 8° 32′ 32.47″ E

  6. Town Hall in Zurich/Switzerland with Rathausbrücke and river Limmat

  7. Hmm… probably pretty far north by the shadows… European… not flattened in WWII… for some reason I was sure it would be Bruges. But I was sure wrong.

  8. Hi karel,
    I am new on this but would bet it is Germany…I would risk to say Berlin


  9. Zurich, Switzerland!
    So, mad i didn’t get this before the clue, because I’ve been there!

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