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  1. Naviduct Krabbersgat, 8242 Lelystad, The Netherlands
    52°41’29.01″N 5°17’42.82″E

  2. Lat: 52°41’27.09″N
    Lon: 5°17’43.67″E
    Krabbersgat naviduct, Enkhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands.

  3. Locks near Enkhuizen, Netherlands
    52°41’26.90″N 5°17’46.10″E

  4. Part of the Enkhiuzen–Lelystad dike in the Netherlands, near Enkhiuzen.


  5. Naviduct Krabbersgat, on the Houtribdijk (separating the Markermeer and the IJsselmeer) with the provinciale weg 302, located near Enkhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands (52.691,5.295)

  6. Well it’s Midnight on Saturday so I guess I’m searching the worlds canals for navigable aqueducts…… again.

    The Krabbersgat ‘Naviduct’ (worlds first shipping aqueduct, with locks, over a road) in Enkhuizen, Netherlands. Opened in 2003.

  7. Naviduct Enkhuizen, in Holland.
    52°41’28.88″N 5°17’44.94″E

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