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Contest #298



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19 Responses to “Contest #298”

  1. 50.084°, 15.087° Velim railway test circuit

  2. The Velim train test track in the Czech Republic.
    50°05’13.56″N 15°06’14.42″E

    AnsaldoBreda performed several tests here.

  3. Railway test circuit Velim (Czech Republic)

  4. lat: 50° 5’15.79″N
    Lon: 15° 6’23.83″E
    Velim railway test circuit, Cerhenice, Czech Republic.

  5. Velim railway test circuit at Cerhenice, located close to the city of Pod?brady in the Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic (50.088,15.104)

  6. Velim Railway Test Circuit, Czech Republic.

  7. it seems to be the Northern hemisphere, based on the shadows
    Also, Europe because of the closeness of the towns
    Not England because there are no hedgerows
    Not USA because of the size of the fields (these are smaller) and smaller forests seen here.
    I narrowing down onto Western Europe- France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.
    Can’t seem to figure out that large loop of some kind of path- is it a railway? I guess not. Some kind of road? probably because I see various smaller paths splitting out of it.

  8. That is the Velim railway test circuit, built around Sokole?, in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

    50°06?00?N 15°05?45?E aprox.

  9. Velim railway test circuit in the Czech Republic
    at 50° 5’39.79″N 15° 5’59.75″E

  10. 50° 5′ 12.26″ N
    15° 6′ 10.52″ E
    Test Centre VUZ Velim
    near Sokole?

  11. Sokolec

  12. Sokole?, Czech Republic
    Velim railway test circuit
    50° 5’22.35″N 15° 6’42.56″E

  13. railway test track near Sokole?, Czech Republic, 50.084353 15.106201

  14. Velim railway test circuit,Velim, Sokolec, Czech Republic.(about 30 kms east of Prague)

  15. Velim train test track, Sokolec, Czech Rep

  16. Velim railway test circuit, Czech Republic

  17. Velim railway test circuit, Czech Republic

    50.094761, 15.094099

  18. Zkušební centrum Velim – The Velim railway test circuit.
    Encompassing the village of Sokole?

    One of the places that AnsaldoBreda ‘tested’ some of their problematic trains

    That was tough until the hint……

  19. Velim railway test circuit, Cerhenice, Czech Republic.