Contest #300 answer: Zzyzx, California, USA

Zzyzx, located in the Mojave Desert, got its name in 1944 from Curtis Howe Springer. He chose it to be last word in the English language.


Orginally it was an natural spring, named Soda Springs, nowadays it is the site of the Desert Studies Center of the California State university.

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This ends another series with no less then three winners:
Congratulations to Farceur, hhgygy and Paul Voestermans to end these series with maximum points!

Contest #299 answer: Naviduct Krabbersgat, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

There are lots of navigable Aquaducts in the world, but this one is rather unique as it is combined with a double ship-lock. Hence the different name. It is part of the Houtribdijk, the dam that divides the IJsselmeer into two parts.


It was created in the 1990’s because the traditional lock and bridge combination caused too much delay for both road traffic as well as for the ships.


Construction was rather unique: first a small polder was created at 11 meters below sea level for the road with an irrigation system to keep it dry. Next the ‘lock bridge’ was constructed out of 7 elements with watertight seals and connected to the waterways.

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Ole Tjugen

Contest #299 hint

If there is no room for a tunnel and a bridge is not feasible, you’ll have t do it the other way round, eve when there is a lock…

Contest #298 answer: Velim test track, Cerhenice, Czech Republic

The Velim test track is a facility for testing railway equipment in the Czech Republic.


It is equipped with the main electric voltage circuits used in Europe: 3000V and 1500V DC as well as 25kV and 15 kV AC.

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